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The Long Way Home

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sawadee krup everyone from Krabi in Thailand.

We have been in Krabi for four days now, and are staying at the house of a fellow we met on the east coast of Malaysia, Richard.

We left Penang and rode up through the Malay/Thai border and headed straight for Songkhla on the east coast of the Thai peninsular. Songkhla is a busy little town with some Portugese influence in the architecture, the town is situated on a spit that separates a huge lake and the Gulf of Thailand.

After one night in Songkhla we had a long ride to Krabi, the roads are good, but not quite as good as Malaysian roads. The drivers are a bit more like Indian drivers too, fortunately we're used to them.

The ride to Krabi was a lot longer than we expected (the map we have for Thailand has inaccurate mileage information) but we arrived before it got dark. We had no map of Krabi, so instantly became disorientated, but found our way to a hotel to stay at until we met up with Richard's friends to arrange finding his house (more of a farm really).

We'll be staying in and around Krabi for a little while doing day trips to islands and other local sights before heading further north to Ko Samui and up to Bangkok.

We may ride further north to Chiang Mai but we haven't decided fully yet, the journey is getting quite tiring now and we are keen to finish, but we have been told that it is lovely up north of Thailand, so we'll see.

The next blog will be from Ko Samui.

See you all soon.

Liz and Steve


At 10:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAPPY, HAPPY CHRISTMAS you lovely friends!
We hope Santa finds you on his travels...although he may get lost after all your amazing travels!!
Stay safe & lots of fun!!

Love & hugs,
The Daffy Clan!! oxox


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